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1986 Renault Alliance Is Junkyard Treasure

The Wisconsin-built, Americanized Renault that didn't save American Motors.

The shoebox that saved Ford remains affordable today

Long before Henry Ford II kicked Enzo Ferrari’s butt at Le Mans, he saved the family business. The son of Edsel became president of Ford Motor Company in 1945. He wasn’t even 30 at the time. The war had finally come to an end, but the company was bleeding badly. In early 1946, its longtime […] The post The shoebox that saved Ford remains affordable today appeared first on Hagerty Media.

Review: 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat

Stress and nervous tension are now serious social problems in all parts of the Galaxy, and it is in order that this situation should not be in any way exacerbated that the following facts will now be revealed in advance. The Durango in question is in fact the legendary Durango Hellcat, and it’s quite nice. […] The post Review: 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat appeared first on Hagerty Media.

Rare 50-Year-Old Panoramic Drag Race Photos

Never-before-posted panoramic photos from drag racing’s most exciting era at Ontario Motor Speedway and Pomona Raceway. We can’t get enough of old photos of drag racing from what some people consider the most exciting years—and we’re lucky that those photos exist. HOT ROD magazine is built on a sacred burial ground of archival photos—and we

2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Premium: Little Things We Like and Dislike

LOS ANGELES—On the first night of a scheduled multi-day stint in the 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Premium, it also happened to be the same day a friend from back home came to visit. He hadn’t a clue about the car I was driving, and I kept it a secret until we walked out onto the

Ford, Jeep Look to Enthusiasts For the Next Big Thing

So keep raising those hands!

2021 MotorTrend Truck of the Year: Contenders, Day 1!

If my neighborhood is any indication, one industry that hasn’t been impacted by this year’s health crisis is home construction and repair. As I greet the morning, poking my head out the sliding-glass door with coffee in hand, I hear the dulcet resonances of circular saws, nail guns, and air compressors filling the otherwise still

The Battle To Outperform Each Other On Environmentalism Is Well Underway For Automakers

Last week, GM announced that it was jumping ship on Trump and the Trump administration’s emissions regulations policy, which GM had supported until nearly the minute it became clear that Joe Biden would be the next president of the United States. GM urged other automakers to follow its lead; not long after Ford urged the same thing.

Interested in a Certified Used Car? These CPO Programs Are the Best

Buying a used car can save you lots of money—or be a massive headache. How can you really know what that vehicle went through before the keys became yours? Buying through a certified pre-owned program is a great way to increase peace of mind. But CPO programs aren’t all created equal. So how can you

Even a Toyota Prius Gets Serious After a Honda K-Series and Manual Swap

Bentley Adds Scottish Tweed to Continental GT, Flying Spur, Bentayga

The optional tweed door trim can be ordered from Mulliner, Bentley's bespoke division, in four colors all sourced from the Lovat Mill in Scotland.

2020 Volvo XC90: What You Need to Know

The 2020 Volvo XC90 has a lovely and spacious interior, lots of standard safety features, and good fuel economy, but it ranks in the middle third of the luxury midsize SUV class because of its poor predicted reliability rating and just-adequate powertrains.

Now With Three Hydrogen Tanks, the 2021 Toyota Mirai Gets a 400-Mile Range

Mitsuoka Buddy SUV sold out for two years in just four days

The retro-styled crossover is based on the current generation of Toyota's RAV4.

Starting A Mysterious Engine For The First Time Is An Amazing Feeling That Everyone Should Experience

Have you ever fired up an engine that sat for a year? What about five years? What about 10? What about a motor that you’ve rebuilt yourself? If the answer is No, then you’re missing out on the single greatest feeling in all of car-dom. If you’re not convinced, just watch this.

Remember The Ferrari Breadvan Hommage Project? It's Almost Done

That’s the business end of a Ferrari 550 shooting brake.

Here's Why Audi's Return to Top-Level Sports Prototype Racing Is a Big Deal

The German brand announced its plans to develop an LMDh car to run at Daytona, and Le Mans. Here's why it's a big deal.

2021 Isle of Man TT motorcycle race canceled due to COVID-19

EarthCruiser Reveals Interior Layout Of New Terranova Expedition Camper

Expect durable, marine-grade cabin materials from this pickup camper.

Car-Hacking Expert Says Autonomous Cars Would Be Terrible Drug Mules

Self-driving cars are going to be the biggest snitches, with all the data they collect about where they are and what they're up to.

2021 Acura TLX Luggage Test | Perfectly reasonable trunk space

GM Plans to Crack Down on Dealership Markups of the New GMC Hummer EV

A Dueling Mario Kart Roller Coaster Is Coming to Japan’s New Super Nintendo World Park

Here's Why the C8 Corvette's Suspension Is So Impressive

A look under the skin of Chevy's most advanced Corvette yet.

Inside the Nikola One hydrogen-electric semi-truck

We sit down with Nikola Motor Company CEO Trevor Milton to get the skinny on this zero-emission hauler.

Will This Low-Mileage Lagonda Tempt Bidders Who'll Party like It's 1989?

William Towns' angular vision of the future still faces hazy investment-grade future.

New Honda Civic Si spotted on video testing in the hills of Ohio

One Type R driver had a similar idea to Honda engineers, who took the upcoming Civic Si to some lovely driving roads.

Posaidon A45 RS 525 Is A Bonkers Mercedes-AMG A-Class With Obscene HP

It's called RS 525 for a reason.

I Challenge You All To A Round Of Paintball Karting

We all know that karting is fun, but if you do it a the time, it must get tedious. It’s, like, a job. So, how do you spice things up? Hand everyone a paintball gun and tell ‘em to send it.

The Raddest 1980s and ’90s Pickups You Can Buy for Less Than $10,000

Trucks from the 1980s and 1990s, known today in enthusiast circles as “Radwood-era” models—a term borrowed from a popular ’80s and ’90s themed car show of the same name—continue to be one of the most affordable ways into classic pickup ownership. With much of the current focus on sports cars and luxury sedans from the

Pandemic Motors: Europeans snap up old cars to avoid public transport

Want a cheap used car to nip around town without running the gauntlet of coronavirus on public transport? Welcome to Pandemic Motors, we have just what you need. Across Europe, people are snapping up old bangers, clunkers, Klapperkasten, tacots and catorci, desperate to avoid buses and trains but wary of splashing out on a shiny new motor in uncertain economic times.

This 1000-HP Audi RS 3 Actually Puts Up a Fight Against Ken Block's Hoonicorn

The 1400-horsepower Mustang meets its match. Almost.

Tested: 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra Channels Buicks of Old

From the Archive: The General finally lets Buick be Buick.

Cyber Monday Deals for Any Car Nut

Shopping for a good deal on some gear, or buying a gift for someone into cars? Start here.

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport: Review

New variant possesses sporty styling and more power.… The post 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport: Review appeared first on

Here's the Best Way To Clean Your Car's Leather and Cloth Seats

It only takes a few inexpensive products and a few hours of your time

Tesla's Full Self-Driving beta may expand quite soon, Elon Musk says

"Soon" as in just two weeks, according to the company's CEO.

The first-ever U.S. car race in 1885 was survival of the fittest

It’s been said that the first car race was held shortly after the second car was built, but since that’s impossible to document, we’ll go with what we know: 125 years ago this past weekend, the United States’ first official car race was held on cold and snowy Thanksgiving Day in Illinois. And winner was […] The post The first-ever U.S. car race in 1885 was survival of the fittest appeared first on Hagerty Media.

This third-generation exhaust fabricator is helping save Britain’s classic bikes

Leading down a cobbled alleyway hidden behind rows of brown stone terrace houses sits Raysons workshop on the outskirts of Rochdale, Lancashire, U.K. Were it not for the bright blue wooden doors and signage of the garage, you could easily imagine you’d stumbled onto the set of an industrial-era period drama. Open the door and the […] The post This third-generation exhaust fabricator is helping save Britain’s classic bikes appeared first on...

FCA Recalls 2014–2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee with EcoDiesel Engine

The nearly 30,000 Grand Cherokees are being recalled because of a crack in an engine component that could lead to a fire.

These Cyber Monday deals could save you some serious cash

This Low-Mileage Barracuda is an Ex-Drag Racer Now Restored to Showroom Condition

An ex-drag race car, this low-mileage 1969 Plymouth Barracuda was pulled from storage and restored to showroom condition.

Vintage Phantom Trucks—Abandoned at National Park!

Two 1929 Lincoln pickup conversions, dumped in the California desert: Who built them and why were they forgotten?

How much classic Porsche can you buy for $200,000?

How much classic Porsche can you buy for $200,000?

Bentley’s Gone Plaid With New Mulliner Tweed Interior Textile Accents

Tweed is one of those quintessential symbols of the British Isles, particularly Ireland and Scotland, and so the announcement that some particularly choice tweed patterns are coming to the interior of certain Mulliner-customized Bentleys is surprising only in as much as it wasn’t already on the main menu. Four tweed patterns are coming to the

Ford F-150 Electric: Here's What It Could Look Like

Don't expect many surprises.

QOTD: Would You Buy A Car With 150,000 (Or More) Miles?

I notice my 2015 Volkswagen TDI SportWagen had finally climbed over 40,000 miles this weekend. A momentous occasion, but considering the long life of diesel engines, I’ve barely broken in my little red wagon. Modern cars, in general, are lasting longer and longer, which made me wonder if buying a high-mileage car is really such a big deal anymore.

French Lake Auto Junkyard

Video at the French Lake Auto Junkyard with Jerry Dixey while on the 2017 MSRA Back to the 50's Road Tour.

The Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Is the Newest Track-Only Ferrari

Last year Ferrari unveiled the 488 GT3 Evo, a refined and massaged version of the 488 GT3 racecar that made its debut in 2016. Per FIA rules and regulations, manufacturers are allowed to make an all-new racecar (or an Evo version of their current car) once every three years. So, if it’s not an all-new

This Is Probably the Sabre, McLaren's Newest Supercar

Spy images give us a good look at the future of McLaren.